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        ดู บอล สด คู่ แมน ยู คืน นี้

        Updated: 10:17 EDT

        An off-duty NYPD cop shot dead her ex-girlfriend’s new lover and seriously injured her former partner after lying in wait in the bedroom for the couple to return home. Yvonne Wu, 31, (left) wearing her officer's jacket, opened fire at the pair after she sat waiting on her ex-girlfriend Jenny Li's bed in Brooklyn on Wednesday evening, police have said. Li's new girlfriend, 24-year-old Jamie Liang, died after being shot in the chest by the jilted officer 'possibly more than one time' at the Bensonhurst home.?The couple were taken to Maimonides Medical Center where Liang was pronounced dead and Li remains in a serious but stable condition after she was struck in the torso. Wu, who, works at the 72nd precinct and has been an NYPD cop for five and a half years, reportedly said, 'That's what you get,' after the shooting. Wu and Li had been in a two-year relationship and lived together before they broke up last month. Assistant Chief Michael Kemper, of the Brooklyn South patrol district, refused to name the officer but said that she handed herself in when police arrived at the house and was 'calm and collected and very forthcoming'.

        Mark Zuckerberg 'gave $419.5MILLION to nonprofits to help turn out likely Democratic

        Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife funneled nearly $420million into nonprofits that aided in the administration and infrastructure of the 2020 election - and heavily favored Democrat counties, according to a new report. Zuckerberg, 37, and his wife Priscilla Chan, 36, donated $419.5million to The Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and The Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), nonprofits that provided grants to counties and helped fund the administration of the election. CTCL and CEIR provided funds to local governments and helped implement administrative practices, voting methods, data-sharing agreements, and outreach programs, according to the New York Post.

        The study of 751 women with a healthy cycle was carried out in Poland by experts from?SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.

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        Boeing is dealing with an alarming new defect on its 787 Dreamliner, which involves certain titanium parts that are weaker than they should be, according to a new report on Thursday.

        More than 500 pages of internal DC Metropolitan Police documents on the fatal shooting reveal witnesses said Babbitt was not carrying a weapon at the time and describe how Lt Byrd was shaken.

        S?ren Arn-Oelschlegel, 41, was fatally shot by Albert Baglione, 84, on Friday. Police in the town of Portsmouth arrived at a home on Bolling Road and found Baglione.

        Grim-faced Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller arrives for his court martial to plead GUILTY for his blistering social media attacks on Biden's handling of Afghanistan withdrawal

        Colonel Stuart Scheller Jr? was flanked by his defense team including lawyer Timothy Parlatore as he walked to the courtroom at Camp Lejeune Thursday. Scheller, 40, is expected to plead guilty to multiple charges on Thursday after criticizing the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. He chose to plead guilty to the following six charges: contempt toward officials, willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, failure to obey lawful general orders and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman. Parlatore has told DailyMail.com exclusively: 'It is interesting to note that senior leaders have not dismissed his message. But they want to crush the messenger'. The trial comes after Scheller condemned the chaotic effort that killed 13 service members in Kabul, Afghanistan in a Facebook video in August. Scheller was forced to spend a week in solitary confinement in the brig. His family appealed for the public's help and he received $2million in donations to help with his defense.

        Cher, 75, on Wednesday filed a law suit against the widow of her ex-husband Sonny Bono, Mary Bono, 59, accusing Mary of having 'undone' a deal between Sonny and Cher to share royalties.

        Liberal Justice Elena Kagan clashed with her conservative colleague Brett Kavananaugh during a Supreme Court hearing in a rare breach of protocol on Wednesday.

        Barry Morphew?seen out with new girlfriend for the first time since he was released on

        Barry Morphew was pictured with alleged girlfriend Shoshona Darke (inset and far right) for the first time as he loaded bins of men's clothing into the back of his truck at a Salida storage unit on Monday. Morphew, 53, wore a black t-shirt and jeans for the outing, which came three weeks after he was released from jail on a $500,000 bond, while mom-of-one Darke, 51, was casual in a black top and brown shearling-lined boots. The exclusive DailyMail.com photos were taken as prosecutors demanded Morphew leave the property where he has been staying since he was set free in September - and move into Darke's modest downtown Salida home where they say he is paying the $2,000-a-month rent. The two-bedroom home is also closer to the Chaffee County Courthouse, where Morphew is due to go on trial in May, and allows for easier GPS tracking according to the prosecution motion. Morphew is currently staying at a four-bedroom luxury Airbnb rental (bottom inset) located just a few yards from end of the driveway of the Colorado home he shared with missing wife Suzanne.

        Deputies said a victim fought back against three people trying to carjack him with a wooden stick in Stafford, Virginia. The men failed in their attempt to steal the car due to the inability to drive stick.

        The streaming service CEO's defense was sent in a memo to all Netflix staff on Monday amid calls from woke activists to cancel Chapelle and the show for his remarks they have deemed transphobic.

        Putin slams 'beautiful, pretty' CNBC reporter Hadley Gamble for not listening to his argument about gas war with Europe while also hinting he could stay in power until 2036

        Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) accused CNBC's journalist Hadley Gamble (left, right, inset) of acting as if she 'didn't hear' what he said after she questioned his denial that Russia had withheld gas from Europe during interview. During the exchange, Putin also hinted he could stand again for the presidency and stay in power until 2036. Putin insisted his country has always kept the taps into Europe open, including during the Cold War, and dismissed any suggestion that he is throttling supplies as 'complete nonsense'. He showed his irritation at Western claims that he has weaponized gas for geopolitical gains, and separately claimed European leaders were 'out of their minds' in the gas war. During the interview at Russian Energy Week, Putin taunted Gamble, saying to the audience: 'Beautiful woman, pretty, I'm telling her one thing. She instantly tells me the opposite as if she didn't hear what I said. Well, I'll repeat it for you once again.' At this point, Gamble interrupted and told the Russian president she had 'heard' him, but claimed the Russians took 'long enough' to address the gas supply issue.

        Supply chain crisis hits Halloween in US as shelves are stripped bare leaving shoppers

        Halloween is under threat from supply chain chaos as 'distraught' shoppers are already battling empty shelves and canceled orders weeks ahead of the festivities. Costumes, decorations and candy remain held up in California ports due to a shortage of truck drivers, warehouse space and bottlenecks in the network. Customers are already venting their fury (insets) after having to forego Halloween last year due to the Covid pandemic, only to be faced with the prospect of another muted celebration this year due to supply issues. One Halloween-themed store in Florida said it has been a 'nightmare' trying to navigate the supply chain issues which are also threatening to detail Christmas.

        Critics on Twitter lashed out at Vice President Kamala Harris as 'anti-American' for vowing to address the 'shameful past' of America being founded by white European settlers.

        The plan is part of a push by Biden's government to supply wind-generated energy to more than 10 million homes by 2030. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland made the announcement.

        WASHINGTON, Oct 13 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden's commission studying potential U.S. Supreme Court changes such as expanding the number of justices or...

        'Finally a keeper': Pink Floyd's Roger Waters marries for FIFTH time as he declares 'I'm

        Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters announced on Thursday that he has wed his fifth wife, Kamilah Chavis at his Bridgehampton estate in New York, which he purchased in 2010 for $16.2 million. Taking to both Instagram and Twitter to share photos of their special day, Waters, 78, penned: 'I'm so happy, finally a keeper.' Kamilah looked beautiful in a white lace wedding dress and beamed as Waters slipped a ring onto her finger. Roger - whose networth is said to be $310 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth - revealed in a 2018 interview that he met Kamilah a few years prior at one of his gigs, explaining they had been an item for 'a few years' and she 'worked in transportation' and 'drove the car' that took him to and from his hotel.?

        Adele has credited her new album as being like a friend to her, describing it as 'my ride or die throughout the most turbulent period of my life'. Now MailOnline takes a look at her real pals.

        A border chief in Yuma, Arizona revealed there has been a rise in middle-class migration with families flying to a Mexican border city, taking a cab to the border and walking illegally into the US.

        Kyrie Irving stands to lose around half his $34.9 million salary this season by refusing to get vaccinated, but the Brooklyn Nets guard said he doesn't regret his decision to defy New York's COVID-19 injection mandate. 'So what? It's not about the money,' Irving said. 'It's not always about the money. It's about choosing what's best for you. You think I really want to lose money?' The Nets decided Tuesday that Irving wouldn't be with the team because he isn't eligible to play in home games, where a New York mandate requires professional athletes on one of the city's teams to be vaccinated to practice or play in public venues. In addition to playing road games, Irving could have been allowed to practice in Brooklyn because the team's training center is considered a private workplace and not a public arena. Regardless, the team decided to sideline him indefinitely until he's vaccinated or a permanent solution can be reached. Speaking on Instagram Live, Irving said he loved basketball and shot down any suggestion that he could retire over the issue. 'I am doing what's best for me,' he said Wednesday. 'I know the consequences here and if it means that I'm judged and demonized for that, that's just what it is. That's the role I play, but I never wanted to give up my passion, my love, my dream just over this mandate.' Irving said he supported people who were and weren't vaccinated and expressed appreciation for doctors. The All-Star guard didn't give any indication that he was against being vaccinated, just that he was deciding not to. 'Once again, I'm going to repeat this. This is not about the Nets, this is not about the organization, it's not about the NBA, it's not politics,' Irving said. 'It's not any one thing.'

        British and American researchers found rapid tests are 90 per cent effective at detecting the virus in people who are at their most infectious. And the swabs are 80 per cent effective overall.

        China has repeatedly dismissed theories that the virus leaked from one of its laboratories and has said no more visits are needed but WHO have said more investigation is necessary to establish origins.

        An analysis by the Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker finds that 89 percent of COVID-19 deaths from June to September could have been prevented by vaccination.

        The White House has been contacting?state governors to tell them to prepare to start vaccinating children against COVID-19 as soon as early November, pending FDA approval.

        Muslim convert had been flagged as radicalised before bow rampage in Norway

        Espen Andersen Br?then has been identified by Norwegian media as being the 37-year-old Islamic convert arrested over the bow and arrow attack in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg that killed five on Wednesday night. Br?then was identified by several neighbours as the attacker before a YouTube video was uncovered in which he reads out a kind of manifesto, describing himself as 'a messenger' with 'a warning' before adding: 'I testify that I am a Muslim'. Meanwhile court documents revealed that Br?then had a lengthy criminal history, including an incident in May last year in which he threatened to kill his father while carrying a handgun. Two relatives subsequently took out a restraining order against him. Br?then also has convictions for aggravated theft and drug offences going back at least as far as 2011, and does not appear to have held a job since the early 2000s.

        Military Specialist Maxwell Hockin, 26, (left) was identified Wednesday as the solder whose body was found at Ford Hood base (right) during the weekend. The cause of his death was not released.

        Suicides among active-duty members of the US Army are up by 46 percent in Q2 compared to the same time last year, according to the Department of Defense, from 41 to 60.

        John Walsh (left) says he thinks Brian Laundrie (pictured right) escaped to Mexico as the manhunt for Gabby Petito's former fiancé continues.The current host of 'In Pursuit With John Walsh' on ID says that his show's hotline has gotten calls from people who believe they've sighted Laundrie. Walsh says he thinks Laundrie is hiding out in Mexico and got help from his family John Walsh says he thinks Brian Laundrie escaped to Mexico and has gotten tips he is hiding on the Appalachian trails (inset) the manhunt for the 23-year-old continues.

        Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart has told of her heartbreak after van-like blogger Gabby Petito was found dead, and spoke of her concern that many missing women like her may never be found.

        REAL story behind 'The Last Duel': How knights fought to the death in 1386

        THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS: They had once been good friends, but on a cold winter's day in December 1386, French knights Jacques Le Gris and Jean de Carrouges fought bitterly in front of their king (depicted left). The two men were engaging in what was the last judicial duel sanctioned by the French monarch, who at that time was King Charles VI. The reason for their fight? Carrouges had accused Le Gris of raping his wife, Marguerite, while she was alone at his mother's chateau. When he went to the king for justice, the monarch ordered the duel to resolve the dispute after a trial failed to reach a verdict. Horrendously, if Carrouges were to lose the fight, Marguerite - who was forced to watch while flanked by guards - would be burnt alive at the stake for lying about her ordeal. The captivating saga is the subject of new film The Last Duel, which is released in the UK tomorrow and is based on historian Eric Jager's 2004 book of the same name. Directed by Ridley Scott, it stars Matt Damon as Carrouges and Adam Driver (right) as his nemesis Le Gris, whilst Killing Eve star Jodie Comer (inset) plays Marguerite and Ben Affleck plays other leading character Pierre D'Alencon, a count and knight.

        The UK government first announced a $275million investment into the development of the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production - or 'STEP'?- in October 2019.

        Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen made it to the second round of France's 2017 election, and is expected to do so again in next year's presidential vote in April.

        Conor McGregor is flanked by FOUR security guards in Rome with fiancée Dee Devlin

        Conor McGregor and his fiancée Dee Devlin stepped out on holiday in Rome on Wednesday flanked by a huge security team. The boxer, 33, was being watched by four security guards - including one who carried his Aperol Spritz for him - as he made his way down the Spanish Steps. The four protection officers were dressed in matching smart navy suits as they walked either side of the couple who were taking a stroll around the Italian city before heading to Dolce and Gabbana for a shopping spree.

        Woman who impulsively signed up for a Home Depot credit card details how forgetting about her $9 PAINT charge caused her credit score to plummet and left her unable to buy a home

        Cassidy Gard, 31, from Los Angeles, California, shared a tearful public service announcement about the dangers of store credit cards in a viral TikTok video. The television producer explained that she impulsively agreed to sign up for a Home Depot credit card in May because the employee was 'so nice.' She admitted that she forgot about the card until four months later, when she was in the process of buying a home. Gard said her credit score?'plummeted over 100 points,' which will likely prevent her from getting a mortgage for the home she put a down payment on.

        Joe Biden plans to allow certain Afghan civil servants part of the Taliban government from 1996-2001 to enter the U.S., a draft document obtained by Fox News revealed Wednesday.

        Brad Pitt's $5.5million California beach house is under evacuation warning as Alisal

        Brad Pitt's $5.5million California beach house (right) is under a 'threat to life' evacuation warning as the Alisal wildfire rages on nearby. The actor, 57, (inset) has owned the property?in Goleta, north of Santa Barbara, since 2000, the year he married?Jennifer Aniston, and the former couple used it for 'romantic' getaways. Now, it is dangerously close to the Alisal wildfire (left) which has been?tearing its way through the region and has been included in the?evacuation warning zone. It comes as the damage by the California wildfire, which started on Monday, has now expanded to 15,360 acres driven intense winds - and was just 5 per cent contained by Wednesday evening.

        Andrew Cuomo was scolded by his father Mario when, as a young man, he was overheard laughing and joking about women's breasts. The author of a new book says it disproves his claim that

        Daniel Craig has revealed during a podcast appearance that he prefers going to gay bars and has grown 'sick of' the 'aggressive d*** swinging' he encounters at 'hetero bars.'

        Led by US and UK celebrities, Gen Z - those born from 1996 to 2012 - are sporting sage and lime hues on clothing, furniture, beauty packaging and more with the color symbolic of sustainabilty.

        Katie Couric has admitted to 'protecting' Ruth Bader Ginsburg from public backlash by cutting out negative comments she made about people who kneel during the national anthem, in her new book.

        A royal Pre-pregnancy wardrobe! Kate Middleton leads the charge

        Kate Middleton, 39, dusted off an emerald Erdem coat last worn in 2016 for a visit to Kew Gardens with Prince William yesterday, pairing the statement piece with a short-sleeve fitted lime green jumper and wide-leg black trousers. But it's far from the first time the Duchess of Cambridge, 39, has regularly showed how little time - or children - has changed her enviable figure by rewearing pieces from before she became a mother-of-three. (pictured left to right; top, Kate and Prince William attending the Royal Air Force graduation ceremony in 2008, bottom, the Duchess wearing the same Reiss coat in March 2020; top, The couple visiting St Andrews in 2011, bottom, Kate rewearing the same suit in 2017; top, the Duchess walking the red carpet at the Olympic concert in a Jenny Packham gown in 2012, bottom, attending the 2018 Tusk Conservation awards; top, wearing a Paule Ka suit to visit Middle Temple Inn in London in 2012; bottom, rewearing the two-piece in 2018 after welcoming three children; top, visiting New Zealand in 2014, bottom, wearing the same green Erdem coat to visit Kew Gardens yesterday).

        The Queen put on a vibrant appearance as she attended the sixth ceremonial opening of the Senedd today, using a walking stick for support for the second time this week.

        Thomas Markle Jnr made the comments in a trailer for Australia's Big Brother VIP. The Duchess's estranged half-brother said Meghan 'walked all over' her first husband before she 'dumped him'.

        Speaking to BBC Newscast's Adam Fleming, The Duke of Cambridge says Prince George, eight, has been picking up rubbish with his school, Thomas's Battersea, in south west London.

        Melinda Gates spends quality time with her bride-to-be daughter Jennifer at the Plaza Hotel ahead of her extravagant $2M upstate NY wedding this weekend with equestrian?Nayel Nassar

        Melinda Gates was seen accompanying her bride-to-be daughter Jennifer, 25, in New York City Wednesday. The 57-year old philanthropist wore a pink dress with a matching wrap, while her daughter wore a white lace dress as they arrived at the Plaza Hotel. On Tuesday night, DailyMail.com spotted the eldest of Bill and Melinda Gates' children with her husband to be checking into the luxury Greenwich Hotel in downtown Manhattan. The couple were accompanied by a heavy security detail, consisting of seven guards and four vehicles. Exclusive DailyMail.com photos previously showed tents being erected at Jennifer's 124-acre, $16million horse farm in North Salem, New York.

        Jon Gruden is being dropped from the Madden NFL 22 video game after he resigned as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders due to racist, homophobic and misogynistic language he used in emails.

        Kenyan police have named Olympic athlete Agnes Tirop's husband, Emmanuel Rotich, as a suspect in her death after she was discovered with fatal stab wounds at her home in Iten, west Kenya.

        Prince William slams the billionaires' space race and says they should focus on fixing Earth's problems first in stunning intervention hours after Jeff Bezos sent Star Trek's William Shatner into orbit

        Prince William (left) appeared to rebuke Jeff Bezos as he criticised the race to leave Earth and said we instead need the world's greatest brains and minds 'fixed on trying to repair this planet' - hours after the Amazon chief sent Star Trek's William Shatner into space (right). The Duke of Cambridge, 39, also warned the Cop26 summit, where world leaders will gather in Glasgow next month, against 'clever speak, clever words but not enough action'. The intervention came just hours after?Star Trek's William Shatner became the oldest person in space at the age of 90, following a journey aboard Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket (left). It also comes after SpaceX founder Elon Musk (inset) revealed he would now like to build cars on Mars. During his interview at Kensington Palace the prince also spoke about the importance of our actions now - as?he warned that inaction on climate change will?'rob from our children's future'. In his interview about climate change,?ahead of his inaugural Earthshot Prize awards, the duke said: 'We need some of the world's greatest brains and minds fixed on trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live.'

        Blue Origin released footage of?Star Trek's William Shatner marveling at his view of Earth from his mission orbiting the planet.

        Mother and her daughters cower behind a car as shooting erupts in Lebanon, killing six including a woman hit in her home by stray bullet, during protest over Beirut explosion probe?

        At least six people were killed and a further 16 injured after armed clashes erupted in Beirut today during a protest by the militant group Hezbollah and its allies against the lead judge probing last year's massive blast in the city's port. During the fighting in the Lebanese capital today civilians could be seen fleeing in terror in search of shelter - and one dramatic photograph (left) showed a mother and her children desperately hiding from gunfire behind a car. It was not immediately clear how Thursday's clashes began. The Hezbollah group and its Shiite allies from the Amal Militia had called for a protest near the Justice Palace, along a former civil war front-line between Muslim Shiite and Christian areas. In a statement today, the two groups said their protesters came under fire from snipers deployed over rooftops in the Tayouneh area.

        Lucy is scheduled to launch on Saturday, October 16 at 05:34 ET (10:34 BST) on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

        An unidentified 911 caller claimed Bam Margera had 'attacked' a woman in his hotel room while under the influence of cocaine before being taken to a rehab facility in Florida by police on September 26.

        Urban Meyer's 'squeeze' Cayman Nebraska, 24, is pictured cuddled up to him on night of shame and seen for the first time at her new $400k Ohio home - just a mile from the married head coach's bar - since video went viral

        Cayman Nebraska, 24, was filmed dancing suggestively with NFL head coach Urban Meyer last week in a video that's now gone viral. Exclusive DailyMail.com photos show Cayman Nebraska, 24, outside of her new $400,000 Ohio home, which is just a mile from Meyer's bar. She appeared casual, with her blond locks tied up in a messy bun, wearing glasses, an oversized white t-shirt and was barefoot. Nebraska, a digital marketing executive, refused to comment when approached by DailyMail.com outside of her home which she purchased last month. She is under investigation by her employer and faces losing her job. Her mother said she is 'praying' her daughter keeps her job because she needs it to finance her new three bedroom home, near downtown Columbus, Ohio.

        Black Mirror's killer robot dogs become a reality: Terrifying four-legged bot with a 6.5mm SNIPER RIFLE on its back is unveiled at the US Army trade show and can precisely fire at targets 3,940ft away

        The 'Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle' (SPUR, left and right) is the brainchild of Philadelphia-based Ghost Robotics and arms manufacturer SWORD International of Sparks, Nevada. Developed from one of Ghost Robotics' existing 'quadrupedal unmanned ground vehicle' designs, the bot can be remotely instructed to load, unload and fire its rifle. However, the firms have revealed the exact configuration of the weapon, nor how much ammunition the machine is capable of carrying or its reload rate. Inset: the killer robot dogs from the Black Mirror episode Metalhead.

        Between March 2020 and March 2021, the U.S. recorded a record-high 96,779 drug overdose deaths, new CDC data show, a 29.5% increase from 74,679 recorded over the previous 12 months.

        Iranian researchers reviewed dozens of studies that delved into diets and mortality rates, spanning up to three decades. They looked at the effects of?alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).


        Femail Today

        Tower block inferno kills at least 46 people and injures dozens more in Taiwan?

        At least 46 people have died and at least 41 others were injured after a tower block in Taiwan caught fire overnight. The blaze broke out in the 13-storey, mixed-use building around 3am this morning, according to officials, adding?that the 'extremely fierce' blaze had destroyed multiple floors. 32 bodies were sent straight to the morgue from the site of the blaze, while another 14 people who showed no signs of life were among 55 taken to hospital. In Taiwan, official confirmation of a death can only be made in the hospital. Most of the deaths were on floors seven to eleven, which housed residential apartments, fire officials said. The first five floors were for commercial use but were unoccupied. Another search of the building, in the city of Kaohsiung, is planned for before sunset, according to officials.

        Father helps his skateboarding daughter conquer a scary stunt in adorable video?

        Darren Harper, from Washington D.C, rose to fame on social media thanks to his own skateboarding skills, and has been teaching his daughter, Demi, six, how to do her own stunts. In a video that has gone viral since Darren shared it on his Instagram account, the proud dad was seen patiently catching Demi as she repeatedly launched herself from a 1.5ft high wall to learn how to land safely. While some fans gushed over their 'beautiful' bond, others claimed Demi was at risk of life-changing injury by not wearing a helmet.

        Tampa Bay Rays minor league pitcher David Hess announced that he is starting chemotherapy to treat a cancerous tumor in his chest as he thanks fans for their prayers and support on Twitter.

        The town lost beneath volcanic ash: Volunteers try to dig out one of HUNDREDS of houses completely buried on La Palma - as island is hit by largest earthquake since the eruption?

        Volunteers are working to dig out hundreds of homes buried under toxic ash in La Palma, as the island was last night hit by the strongest earthquake since a volcanic eruption almost a month ago. Footage filmed by local Juanma Hernandez shows homes barely visible under a mountain of black ash. Volunteers with face masks on can be seen desperately digging with spades to uncover the buildings. The surrounding hills are also blanketed with ash, with tree tops peeking out from within the heaps. The camera pans to reveal that as far as the eye can see, the landscape is completely black with ash. The video emerged as the island was shaken by a 4.5-magnitude earthquake - the strongest since the Cumbre Vieja volcano began erupting on September 19. Scientists on Wednesday night registered more than 60 earthquakes, of which the biggest was felt across the whole of the island.

        Saved By The Bell original cast members are seen in season two of the reboot

        The Saved by the Bell series reboot has another season coming out soon, and streaming service Peacock released the first trailer for it on Wednesday. One of the first photos from the new season sees the original cast members from the hit sitcom. In the new image, Mario Lopez is seen as A.C. Slater, Elizabeth Berkley as Jessica Spano, Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris, Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski and Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle.

        Social media users reveal the?gadgets used in sci-fi films that are store-bought items

        Social media users from around the world have revealed online the gadgets used in famous sci-fi films that are actually just seemingly store-bought items. Collated by Why These?, the repurposed items include?left to right: A fancy dress foam vest in Lost In Space; Nike Air Jordan 6 trainers turned into Batman's boots; a crème br?lée torch as a wire cutter in Alias, and a child's plastic microphone as a grenade in Star Wars.

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        The Boeing 707 in the West Bank that's been converted into a restaurant

        The aircraft is located in the occupied West Bank, just outside the northern city of Nablus. It has been transformed into an eaterie by twin brothers Khamis al-Sairafi and brother Ata. The territory has no civilian airport and those who can afford a plane ticket must catch their flights in neighbouring Jordan, so few Palestinians ever get to board a plane.

        The man and a colleague were delivering fish to their new home on?October 12. But when the fish container was opened, the water sent one of the men flying into the lake in?Prata, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

        Run! Hilarious moment Amazon delivery driver is spooked when Halloween decorations MOVE?

        This is the moment an Amazon delivery man in Eastampton, New Jersey sprinted away from a front porch after creepy Halloween decorations startled him when they started moving. His spooked reaction was captured by the homeowner in hilarious doorbell footage. In the video, the unsuspecting delivery man goes up to the front porch decorated with what appear to be harmless spooky props of Frankenstein and the Pennywise clown from the movie It. However, as the figures start cackling and moving he turns around and sprints down the stairs.

        Handbrake fail! Moment doors are ripped off car after driver fails to pull brake properly and it rolls backwards out of gateway with a child inside

        The driver in Phuket, Thailand, thought he was ready to go into his house but a poorly-engaged handbrake resulted in a parking disaster as?the Prius rolled backwards into the road with a child inside. The driver was left counting his lucky stars as there was no oncoming traffic in the road or this gaffe could have led to tragedy as a child was still inside the car.

        Horrified critics slam Australian foodie's 'pasta grazing table' after she served spaghetti smothered in three sauces on aluminum foil - so do you agree??

        Elaborate grazing boards overflowing with cured meats and colourful fruit became a fixture in parks across Sydney during the city's latest lockdown. But one woman marked the end of almost four months of shutdown by serving her friends a grotesque take on the picnic trend - made entirely of pasta. In a video posted to TikTok, the creative cook is seen covering a table with tin foil before dolloping spaghetti across it and smothering it with three kinds of sauce.



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